// Bringing together over 100 years of property
and finance experience and expertise delivering low risk investment & above average returns.

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image/svg+xml // What We Do

The Directors of SAHI have an established network of proven connections to source properties "off market" and at a considerable discount, together with a network of local and international sales partners, who will acquire the refurbished/completed properties.

image/svg+xml // How It Works

SAHI follows a strict set of pre-determined criteria, application of which is monitored by an external advisory group. All properties purchased by SAHPI will be acquired at below the prevailing market value, protecting the margins and the value of the business.

image/svg+xml // Who It's For

People or institutions who wish to dispose of property quickly, Investment Buyers looking to create a property portfolio from a pool of high quality, competitively priced properties as well as suitable JV Development Partners who can access potentially 100% funding with no upper limit.


// SAHI Membership

Whether you are looking to become a SAHI Property Supplier, become a SAHI Partner or wish to purchase properties then SAHI provides
all tools, expertise and advice you need.

image/svg+xml // Investor-Buyers Becoming an approved Investor-Buyer will give you access to our selection of high quality purchase opportunities at an above average return on investment within a safe, regulated and flexible environment.


image/svg+xml // Property Suppliers Whether you are an individual or institution SAHI has the funds available to purchase instantly and the platform allows you to present each opportunity for consideration confidentially.


image/svg+xml // JV Development Partner If you wish to become a JV Development Partner fill out our registration form and we will consider your application. Once successful you will be able to create and manage projects within our platform.


// Watch The SAHI Introduction Video

The following video will give you a visual overview of who we are, what we do and who we are for. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.