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Our R&D.

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Our consideration.


When considering the necessary ingredients for success at SAH, Research & Development features alongside other important initiatives such as Collaboration, Care, and Service & Build Quality. 

Some may find it unusual that a development facilitator such as SAH would consider R&D at all, but our R&D Team ranks in both size and importance with any other SAH team.

From the outset, it was evident that the Care Sector, and in particular extra care and supported living, lacked a uniformed approach throughout the UK.


This was further complicated by the fact that several Local Authorities collaborate with the NHS on finding solutions, whilst others take a stand-alone approach. In some extreme scenarios neighbouring streets can sometimes have different rules applied, despite their close proximity.

Our review, examination and reasons.


At SAH, we decided to carry out a complete review of the sector on a region-by-region or Local Authority by Local Authority basis. Examining their published mission statements and how well they were performing against that targeted mission. We looked at the reasons behind any shortfalls and how best could SAH deliver a solution to overcome their problems. We also considered who were the best partners to assist us to that end?  I.e. – Who could deliver the right property in the right location to the right people at the right time? Each one of which being future proofed, fit for purpose and completely funded by SAH. 

With that firmly in mind, our research team is dedicated to delivering a detailed understanding of the care sector and insight that identifies the best solutions for providers. The breadth of the data we capture and the level of detail that we collate means that we are uniquely positioned to work with any Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group, or the NHS to offer bespoke solutions specific to local care providers’ needs. 

By combining vast sets of current quantitative data with qualitative analyses of Local Authority and NHS strategies, mission statements and targets, we have developed a thorough, postcode-level analysis across the entirety of the UK that quickly identifies gaps in provision. 

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Our analysis.


Our analysis of over 22,000 care providers is the most complete, sophisticated, and reliable picture of UK bed provision and generates a picture of not only whether this provision is being fulfilled in borough or out of borough but also the reasons why.


This powerful instrument combines indicators such as bed demand, availability and population with inspection ratings, property prices, housing stock and average fees to calculate an in-house weighted score that identifies both priority needs and potential solutions.


In addition to assessing the demand for provision, our unique toolkit enables us to identify the solutions that best meet that demand. Through data mining and modelling, factors such as demographic indicators and cost variables are combined with demand to identify and profile the most promising opportunities and best possible solutions.


Our Procurement Heatmaps innovatively calibrate factors such as sales indicators and average rents with housing allowance figures, to instantly identify where resources are best directed in the most affordable and sustainable ways.  

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Our understanding.


We thereby shape our research in ways that give a fuller understanding of context, sensitive to the complexities of how care provision is delivered in any given area whilst also identifying trends and anticipating future need. This distinctive research approach establishes a solid foundation on which we can collaborate with partners to devise solutions that meet their specific care requirements. 

We are enthusiastic about sharing the insights gained from our research with our partners in ways that ensure collaboration extends beyond their present obligations. And we welcome opportunities for our research to help inform our partners’ strategic planning to demonstrate how we can assist them in moving forward to have bolder ambitions that are both realistic and achievable. 

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