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The Solution

Meet our Care Team BDMs

Meet our Care Team BDMs

The problem.


The Care Sector has been seriously distressed for many years and any hopes of a dramatic breakthrough have been either dashed or threatened by the unprecedented additional pressures of the Global Pandemic and Brexit.


This is only going to either get much worse or drag on for decades unless there is a dramatic massive injection of Government investment  into the care and housing sectors which appears highly unlikely given it was not forthcoming before the Pandemic / Brexit.

A new solution.


A new solution is required to meet the increasing chasm of needs for the vulnerable in our society.  One such solution is the Lease Model which is at the core of the SAH Business Model.


Unfortunately the lease model got off to a bad start as the result of some sharp practice by a few who initially abused loopholes in the model where they wrote their own leases at increased rates to profiteer, all of which was clearly wrong and unsustainable.  Ironically that actually provided a clear opportunity for those like SAH who wish to act in an ethical sustainable manner.


The main challenge for SAH now is to get that message out there. Fortunately those who have experienced SAH at work are helping to share the solution.

Mother and Son
Mother and Son

The reality.


The reality is that not only does the lease model represent the only tangible way to work alongside traditional models, should we hope to truly meet the growing demand within the Care sector, it also provides a win-win for all concerned; when the ethical controls are applied.


There is no need for any capital outlay for the commissioning parties thus allowing their own money to go much further. Leases are designed to be rent neutral i.e. they are tied to housing benefit, or care packages, dependent on the specific sector. They are also capped at CPI which has averaged at 1.9% over the 25 Years of a typical lease.


This all provides the freedom to provide fit for purpose, future proofed, eco friendly properties in the right place all designed for the right people. As stated a win win for all concerned and SAH can access funding to deliver for all needs via this route.  The other irony is the longer the lease the more the commissioning party can treat it as an asset and protect the vulnerable in their care in borough. This also gives SAH greater confidence along with their investment partners to increase specifications and invest more and more - again a win win. 

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