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Triple Point REIT

The Triple Point Social Housing REIT seeks to address the ongoing housing crisis by investing in the UK social housing sector, providing sustainable high-quality homes which have been adapted for vulnerable adults with long-term care and support needs including mental health issues, learning disabilities, or physical and sensory impairment.

We believe our residents deserve a home that offers greater independence than institutional accommodation, at the same time as meeting their specialist care needs. Our ambition is to be the leading UK Supported Housing investor, helping guarantee secure futures for people in need across the country, while ensuring that our shareholders have an ethical, solid, long-term income source.

We have partnered with Safe as Houses as one of our key developers for over two years, who identify suitable sites and properties for specialised supported housing accommodation in areas of known demand to meet local authorities’ housing and care requirements. Triple Point has partnered with Safe as Houses as its main funding partner to deliver the capital required to develop and acquire these properties; unlocking best in class accommodation and better outcomes for the residents who call them home.

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