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// About SAHI


Investment in the UK Property Market has consistently outperformed all other primary investment opportunities over the last 50 years and we consider that this is unlikely to change long term. However, like all investments it is not without risk. The market is cyclical and property hot and cold spots can make for a challenging environment.

The team behind Safe as Houses Investment PLC (SAHI) has brought together over 100 years of property and finance experience and expertise to design a solution to mitigate the risks. Historically, a loss has never been made on property transactions and the targets set have consistently been met. In contrast to "Safe As Houses" you never hear "as safe as the stock market".

// What We Do


SAHI has identified a number of niche sectors within the UK property market where application of strict purchasing criteria and project management control with the ability to secure a quick turnaround protect against market fluctuations and maintain margins.

The SAHI fund ensures that all suitable properties can be secured quickly and at the right price. Properties are sourced through the SAHI network. Dedicated resources provide renovation and project management. SAHI has a well-established and growing distribution network that in many cases allows for the immediate sale of the selected properties.


// The niche sectors where SAHI operates are:

  • Distressed properties – purchased and then completely refurbished to a high standard before reselling.
  • Brownfield/Gap sites - Typically containing between 1-12 properties and sold off plan to meet local demand.
  • Deposit on off plan developments and backend purchases – in both cases designed to obtain a margin from the developers by easing their cash flow demands either at the start of the project or to close the end of the development sales cycle.
  • Partnering and Profit Share - The successful SAHI operating model has proved to be very popular with the development community and as a result there is an opportunity to partner with those who wish to follow the model and benefit from both guidance and funding.
  • Care Homes development - This represents a significant opportunity for SAH to deliver its expertise to the Care Business sector too.

    There are an estimated 651,500 accommodation-based supported housing units across Great Britain. The majority of supported housing units are in England, accounting for 85% of the national total, with 9% in Scotland and 6% in Wales. This profile of supported housing mirrors the profile of broader dwelling stock estimates across the nations.

// How It Works


SAHI follows a strict set of pre-determined project selection criteria, application of which is monitored by an external advisory group. All properties purchased by SAHI will be acquired at below the prevailing market value, protecting the margins and the value of the business.

SAHI will not have any form of gearing or borrowings. All purchases will be in cash; the assets will be fully secured and unencumbered. The purchase price and discount to market value will be dependent on what works are required to be done to be able to resell the property. The intent is to have each property re sold within a maximum of 6-9 months and in many cases much sooner.

Properties will be sold on through the SAHI distribution network at or below market value dependent on future yield or market value potential.

// Who Is SAHPI For?


Working with us is by invitation only in order to ensure SAHI can continue to offer the quality of service required by participants and generate an assured return and benefits. Prospective participants should use the web site to make initial contact.


// SAHI has been designed to suit the following:

  • People or institutions who wish to dispose of property quickly
  • Investor-Buyers looking to create a property portfolio from a pool of high quality, competitively priced properties
  • Suitable JV Development Partners who can access potentially 100% funding with no upper limit.


// How our JV Development Partner programme works:

SAHI can supply up to 100% of finance required including all project and construction costs. Based upon SAHI securing and owning the property and SAHI's nominated project managers supervising all works. SAHI will split all profits generated 50/50 with JV Development Partner.

No interest is charged providing the JV Development partner delivers on time and on budget. Thereafter 2.1% per month interest is charged and all costs over budget deducted from the partner share.



// SAHI Membership

Whether you are looking to become a SAHI Property Supplier, become a SAHI Partner or wish to purchase properties then SAHI provides
all tools, expertise and advice you need.

image/svg+xml // Investor-Buyers Becoming an approved Investor-Buyer will give you access to our selection of high quality purchase opportunities at an above average return on investment within a safe, regulated and flexible environment.


image/svg+xml // Property Suppliers Whether you are an individual or institution SAHI has the funds available to purchase instantly and the platform allows you to present each opportunity for consideration confidentially.


image/svg+xml // JV Development Partner If you wish to become a JV Development Partner fill out our registration form and we will consider your application. Once successful you will be able to create and manage projects within our platform.


// Watch The SAHI Introduction Video

The following video will give you a visual overview of who we are, what we do and who we are for. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.