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About us.

Meet our Executives

Meet our Executives

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How we help.


We’ve successfully established ourselves as a leading provider of solutions within the care sector delivering the enhanced infrastructure that is desperately required on an increasing basis.

The range of collaborative partners that we work with is constantly expanding  and we engage with all parties, as early as possible, in order to facilitate the timeous development of services for those needing them.

Our funding model enables operators to expand quickly and safely and all projects are future-proofed for long term sustainability. The overarching aim is always to create a better overall quality of life for society’s most disenfranchised members.

Who we support.


We work across all client types, including

(but not limited to): 

  • Affordable Housing

  • Autism

  • Children’s Services

  • Dementia

  • Elderly

  • Homeless Accommodation

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Disabilities

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

  • Social Housing

  • Step Up

  • Step Down

  • Supported living

As long as the relevant Commissioner / Care Inspectorate support for vulnerable people is in place, Safe As Houses will develop whatever is needed to support their needs.

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How we work.


Safe As Houses is fully geared up to regenerate properties, build new ones or a mixture of both. We also have the internal capacity to source sites, survey them, project manage and complete full development.

There is no capital outlay required from our partners on any of our sites and we can also assist with initial cash flow cushioning. Our model seeks to cover all costs and then look to lease back to the Registered Providers, Care Operators or directly into Local Authorities and the NHS.

Collaborative working is built into our company DNA. We host Workshops involving all stakeholders to best understand the use for the proposed development as engagement of all parties as early as possible is vital to project success. 


Nominations & Voids can be underwritten, where appropriate, in order to ensure the development is secured for the tenants specific to their own area.

Each project is undertaken in partnership with our award-winning Architect partners;  Carless & Adams. Hard and soft landscaping upgrades are provided within every project to further enhance both the staff and service users environment.

Where required, we will provide the project with all fixtures and finishings as appropriate, including all agreed relevant bespoke works.

The use of renewable energy sources is at the forefront of Safe As Houses’s thinking and where practical we always enhance the energy efficiency of all sites to reduce running costs and carbon footprint.

We always seek to incorporate tech and automation where practical and offer free of charge access to Person Centred Software’s award-winning operating App (we offer to purchase all hardware for the project and will pay for the licensing costs for the first 12 months). We also the Sounds Like Me Care personalisation App - which enhances an individual’s care, based on their unique preferences. 

Our engagement model.


Our ideal engagement scenario is to organise a Workshop with all relevant parties, either at the site in question or a walk around the site then move to another location for the workshop.

​The key aim of the Workshop is to encourage debate and dialogue at the outset and get a feel for the exact needs of the Local Authority, NHS or CCG or mixture of all. 

Where we differ is that we always ask the question “What would you like?”, enabling the relevant parties to ensure they are getting the exact future-proofed solution in their area that best satisfies demand. We appreciate that in all cases, the outcome must be right for you, so we take time to understand your priorities and requirements 

  • Ethical & Sustainable

  • Rent neutral (Where Housing Benefit applies)

  • Staff provision

  • Training & Vocational spaces

  • Sensory & Wellbeing rooms

  • Physical & Mental Therapy

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Relevant support.


When we talk about the relevant support needed to move forward with a project we are principally referring to Commissioner support and rent tests. (Or rents that are appropriate to the individuals care package). 

​Regarding Commissioner support, we always seek a full written letter of support on headed paper, relating directly to the development being discussed.

Where housing benefit is being paid we always aim to be rent neutral, where the rent we propose will be no more than what housing benefit would agree to pay.

Our ultimate objectives.


We want to build a cohesive, but limited number of robust relationships with Registered Providers, Care Providers, Operators and Commissioners so that there would be a pipeline of developments, where all parties can be confident there will be suitable accommodation in place for years to come.

​We are committed to tackling the problem of a chronic lack of suitable future-proofed care facilities within the UK and our stated intention is to become the ‘go to’ solutions provider for all target audiences as well as being positive influencers within the care sector.

We remain dedicated to enhancing the lives of society’s most vulnerable individuals.

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