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4 Eyes

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One cloud. One solution.


We invested heavily in our own proprietary cloud solution called 4 Eyes.


This system lists all the SAH operating protocols which can be seen in the DD Flow Diagram, collates all the documentation in the one place and provides a detailed audit trail of managers confirming and signing of each stage.


Thereafter both an operation director and additionally, separately and independently a Board Director to view and approve all based on sight of all the required documentation and financial appraisal etc being in place and sign at any time from anywhere in the world  which auto generates a Board Minute.

Our Protocols.


The required protocols within our 4 eyes system are:

  • Confirmation of on-site inspection and report by SAH Surveyor

  • Confirmation of on-site inspection and report and valuation by external RICS Surveyor

  • Fixed price from Exclusive Contractor 

  • Clear to proceed legal report from Lawyer

  • Confirmation of Commissioner Support

  • Confirmation of Care Provider Support or that Care provision tender has been actioned 

  • Confirmation of Registered Provider Support

  • Confirmation of End Buyer Support to purchase

  • Confirmation of Financial Appraisal that project will make above SAH minimum return targets.


DD Flow diagram.

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