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Introduction to Safe As Houses

Introduction to Safe As Houses

Safe As Houses Ltd was established with a very clear vision - to help alleviate the chronic lack of care facilities and housing within the UK. Our mission is to collaborate with and fund an evolving portfolio of dynamic partners that enables the creation and funding of high-quality accommodations and future-proofed environments. Each one of our developments is aimed at enhancing the lives of its future residents.

We can reduce the risk associated with real estate investments while building the best properties for the needs of our partners through our engagement approach, exclusive online platforms, and focus on collaboration. All of our projects are demand-driven and non-speculative. From the very beginning, when we search for the best chances, to the very end, when we finish the project and put it into operation, we work together with our partners.

We are aware that every person has a different set of needs, and that there is no one-size-fits-all method of caring for or supporting individuals. Some vulnerable adults are in need of support with many aspects of their daily lives and rely on a range of health and social care services. This could be a result of a medical condition, a physical impairment, general living conditions, or a mix of these. Depending on each person's needs, a different amount of support may be needed. The people being discussed may have a variety of support conditions, such as acquired brain injury, a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, challenging behaviours, or mental health issues.

At Safe As Houses, we conduct extensive research and work in close collaboration only with partners who are in receipt of a Good/Outstanding rating from CQC. This strategy enables us to develop the homes and services needed in particular places through the support and collaboration of like-minded individuals and stakeholders. These guidelines direct the construction or renovation of a project and allow us to provide vulnerable adults with a therapeutic environment that is thoughtfully planned and conducive to their success in the community.

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