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Current Landscape

Current Landscape

Many of Safe as House’s projects to date have been in the Supported Living space, providing a platform and an established process to build on. The market opportunity is significant, with a requirement for over 600,000 units and an estimated investment value of £130 billion.

It is clear that the full potential of the sector will only be unlocked if Nominations and Voids Agreements can be achieved or if leases can be put in place directly with Local Authorities or the NHS.

+ Nominations:
LA/NHS involved will have the rights over rooms and/or apartments. They will assess the individuals.

+ Voids:
LA/NHS can ensure rooms and/or apartments stay available for them to commission into, so they will pay for the room or apartment if it ever becomes empty.

The quality and strength of our relationships with sector stakeholders, including Care Commissioners, Registered Providers and Care Providers are critical to our success. We have established relationships with a number of these already and are continually targeting more partners.

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