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Stafford House

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

At Safe As Houses, we partner with like-minded companies that follow a similar vision and mission, to help alleviate the chronic lack of care facilities within the UK to create and fund life-changing, high-quality accommodation, and future-proofed environments. Stafford House is a true representation of this.

“Stafford House is the culmination of a positive, collaborative approach between Care Housing Association, Safe As Houses, Barrow in Furness and Community Integrated Care." - Matthew Eddisford, Chief Executive at Care Housing Association

Along with our construction partner JWF and architectural partner ADC, we converted this former office premises known as Stafford House, in Barrow-in-Furness into fit-for-purpose one-bedroom apartments for up to 9 individuals.

The environment has been vigilantly designed with the end-users at the heart of the development, to accommodate individuals with differing care needs, such as Learning Disabilities and Specialist Complex Needs with robust enhanced Supported Living.

"As with all Safe As Houses developments, the finished product has been designed with the wellbeing and dignity of tenants placed at the forefront of the company's thinking.- Phil Killen, Safe As Houses

"Safe As Houses worked closely with Community Integrated Care and Care Housing Association to ensure we found the right property in the right location to meet the aforementioned demand." - Stuart Nicoll , Head of Safe As Houses

The property stretches over 600m2 across 3 floors, it includes generously spaced, modern, bright one-bedroom, self-contained apartments, which enables the care provider to deliver person-centred care within a space where they can live as independently as possible.

The extensive grounds have been cleared, upgraded, and given a new lease of life as a secure, private, and tranquil garden to support the end-user’s care plan and independence. The space will also lend itself as an area that visitors can enjoy as they visit loved ones.

As with all Safe As Houses developments, Stafford House has been fitted with sustainable and fit-for-purpose features and fittings, such as CCTV, high energy efficiency rating, smart-use water cylinders and double-glazing throughout the property.

"This is an incredible outcome for all involved, particularly those who will now call Stafford House their home." - Lyndsey Briggs, Head of Operations at Community Integrated Care

Stafford House is a prime example of collaboration in action. The commissioning Local Authority, Barrow County Council, have provided full support and engagement to allow us to develop a high-spec, innovative and needs-led environment for individuals within their community.

Pre-Refurbishment Images

Proposed Floor Plans

3D Walk Through

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