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Former Rowen Guest House

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Safe As Houses are delighted to announce that just before Christmas 2021 we handed over one of our Oxfordshire supported living services and the individuals moving in could spend the festive season in their new home.

Safe As Houses Care received full engagement from Oxfordshire County Council, the commissioning Local Authority throughout delivery of the project.

Completion could not have been possible without the close collaboration received by the Registered Provider, Chrysalis Supported Association, Care Provider United Response, Architects, Architectural Design Consultancy and Construction Partners, and JWF Building Solutions.

This scheme has been carefully designed to accommodate individuals with a Learning Disability or Autism care needs.

The property is shared accommodation for 6 individuals and contains 6 bedrooms, several bathrooms, kitchen, living room, staff, conservatory and large garden area.


3D Walk Through

Pre-Refurbishment vs Post-Refurbishment

For more information on our Rowen Guest House, please email [email protected]


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