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Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software is the Care sectors most widely used care system. Active in 1,600 homes and covering over 45,000 residents, this mobile care monitoring system gives an intelligent solution to how care is reordered within the UK.

One of the main core benefits of Person Centred Software is that it allows the provision of more care time, as notes 
are taken digitally at the point of delivery. Research has shown that on average this saves three days of staff time, per carer,
per month. It also benefits care providers 
with some reporting up to 40% improved 
staff retention.

Safe as Houses offers Person Centred Software with each one of their development projects, where appropriate. The care property will be provided with all relevant hardware and a subscription for one year.

Supporting CQC (including the new technology KLOEs) and Care Inspectorate inspections, Person Centred Software helps providers to be recognised for innovative, transparent and person-centred care.

With benefits to staff, residents, families and now shaping how care is measured by regulators Safe as Houses are proud to include Person Centred Software as standard within all of our projects, where appropriate.

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