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Safe As Houses Ltd was established with a very clear vision - to help alleviate the chronic lack of care facilities and housing within the UK.

Our mission is to collaborate with and fund an evolving portfolio of dynamic partners which enables the creation and funding of high-quality accommodation and future-proofed environments. Each one of our developments is aimed at enhancing the lives of its future residents.

Through our engagement model, proprietary online systems, and collaboration at the heart of everything we do, we can remove the risk from property investments, whilst creating the optimal properties for our partners’ requirements. All our projects are non-speculative and demand-based.

We collaborate with our partners from the initial stages of finding the right opportunities to the very end as we complete the project and move it into operation.

We understand each individual has a unique set of circumstances, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to caring for or providing support for them.

Some vulnerable adults who depend on a variety of high-level support in many aspects of their daily life rely on a range of health and social care services. This may be because of illness, disability, broader life circumstances or a combination of these.

Depending on each person's needs, the level of support required can differ as no two people are the same. The individuals in question can have a range of support conditions including, but not limited to, a learning disability and/or autism spectrum disorder, behaviours that challenge, a mental health condition or Acquired Brain Injury.

Safe As Houses exclusively collaborate closely and conduct in-depth research with partners who have received a Good/Outstanding grade from CQC. By working collaboratively with external partners and professionals, our approach helps us design services required in specific areas. These principles guide us when we build or renovate a project, allowing us to give vulnerable adults a therapeutic environment that is thoughtfully planned and conducive to their success in the community.

Types of Services we develop.

+ Learning Disability/Autism or Transforming Care

Learning Disability/Autism or The Transforming Care Agenda provides support to people with a learning disability and/or autism spectrum disorder, who have behaviours that challenge.
These individuals are moving from in-patient care to community-based services, and are currently placed out of their designated area of residence. This is in part due to a major lack of fit-for-purpose specialist-supported living environments to support the needs of the most challenging individuals in the country, resulting in ‘bed blocking’. As a result, there is a need for robust future-proof residential or step-down services to provide a pathway to supported living. Each service will have 6 beds which is a CQC requirement following the Right Care, Right Support, Right Culture guidance to pass registration.

+ Mental Health

Similar to learning disabilities or the Transforming Care Agenda, the creation of specialised mental health services help people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and need further support access the community without the restrictions of a hospital setting. These are often 8–20-bed homes with a bedroom, an en-suite, and communal areas. However, commissioners and professionals are exploring different models of care, including studio apartments or full apartment schemes.

+ Acquired Brain Injury

People living with an acquired brain injury (ABI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or progressive neurological condition (PNC) can get neurorehabilitation and support from residential services. These services are provided in secure, caring, and homely settings and are specially designed and created to meet the needs of each individual and enhance their quality of life. The ultimate objective is to encourage independence and assist the people they support in reintegrating into society.

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