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Current Landscapes

Current Landscapes

+ Adult Complex Needs Overview

Adults with complex needs are people who require a high level of support with a variety of aspects of their day-to-day lives, relying on a range of health and social care services. This may be because of illness, disability, broader life circumstances, or a combination. Depending on each person's needs, a different amount of support may be needed. The people being discussed may have a variety of support conditions, such as acquired brain injury, a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, challenging behaviours, or mental health issues.

+ Residential Care for Adults with Complex Needs

Residential services provide care around the clock in an environment or building that is shared with other service users. This often offers a mix of self-contained apartments/bedrooms, with en-suites and communal areas; this allows service users the privacy of their own space and the opportunity to mix with other service users to develop relationships and build on their confidence in social environments. Ultimately, the individual's needs will drive the environment they will be housed in, and the makeup of the development will be tailored to those living there.

+ Learning Disability/Autism or Transforming Care

Learning Disability/Autism or the Transforming Care Agenda supports people who have challenging behaviours due to a learning impairment and/or autism spectrum disorder. Currently placed outside of their allocated area of residency, these individuals are moving from inpatient care settings to community-based services. This is partly due to a major lack of fit-for-purpose, specialist-supported living environments to support the needs of the most challenging individuals in the country, resulting in ‘bed blocking’. Thus, the need for robust, future-proof residential or step-down services to provide a pathway to supported living. Each service will have six beds, which is a CQC requirement following the Right Care, Right Support, and Right Culture guidance to pass registration.

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