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Current landscape for Affordable Housing

Current landscape for Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is nothing new. The need for Affordable Housing grows year after year and with a lack of collaborative approach from many of the decision-makers, it is a topic which will remain at the forefront of property for many years to come.

There are many reasons why property has become unattainable for many in society, and at Safe As Houses, we’re here to look for solutions for what can be an extremely difficult issue. With decades of undersupply, a growing population, and a cost of living crisis, finding somewhere to call home has rarely been more difficult.

Affordable Housing can provide a solution wider than just providing someone with a home. It creates stability, security and community where there was none, and allows people to move on with their lives. Many people waiting for affordable housing, are currently in Temporary Accommodation, an expensive solution to a long-term problem and one which, with the correct investment and strategy, would allow Local Authorities to free up, or divert this investment into a longer-term, more sustainable solution.

There has never been more pressure on Local Authorities to provide accommodation, and this, coupled with a shortfall in properties, a lack of buildings and a merry-go-round of Housing Ministers makes any kind of planning extremely difficult.

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