NHS West Lothian

We have been in discussions with the Senior Development Manager around the need for specialist accommodation for those with Mental Health issues, as well as Guardianship. He admitted the need is current, and they have struggled to find a solution. They have been talking with a number of housing options but admitted that ours represented the best solution he has heard so far.

We have put forward the first part of our proposal which will be presented to the NHS board as part of a wider accommodation strategy. The ultimate aim here is to long term lease directly to the NHS. Numbers discussed so far have been a need for 37 individuals specifically.

Edinburgh Health & Social Care – We were invited to speak with senior members of the Partnership to look at working collaboratively to address hospital bed demand and bed blocking.

First target is a currently owned Local Authority building which is empty, and they believe would be ideal for step up, step down (from hospital) care. They want us to survey the building, design plans to their brief, and assess if it would be suitable for purchase and lease back. If this is not suitable then they want us to find another site. There is also greater demand beyond this, but this is their immediate need.