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Glasgow City Council

Have already presented SAH to their Senior Commissioning Team (all members) which went well, and has now led to further discussions around specific projects which would see us as a Preferred Special Partner therefore bypassing all tender processes. Further result of the presentation has been a formal invite to present at the Social Work Scotland (Commissioning) Managers Meeting, so we can present SAH to all lead commissioners across all sectors for every Local Authority in Scotland.

One key discussion from the meeting with the Council members was a direct reference to a specific 15 bed Complex Mental Health facility they need built. They advised that they had been unsuccessful in securing funding from the Scottish Government to build the facility, and are now in limbo as to what to do. We are in advanced discussions now on how to move forward with this, and have supplied all supporting information for their internal options paper which will be presented to the Senior Exec of the Local Authority.

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