Stephanie Elliott

Business Development Manager, Children’s Services

With over 23 years’ experience in Health and Social Care starting as a front line practitioner to strategic development, she works closely with Commissioning Services to provide the best fit properties with the needs of service users. Paramount within all aspects of the build process, is the creation of high quality, future proofed environments.

Stephanie has experience across all areas from children and families, looked after children, children in residential care, adoption, complex mental health and the Elderly. She has been involved in developing commissioned services for a number of years and possesses a sound understanding on the constraints for Local Authorities to deliver statutory services with diminishing funds.

Working for Safe as Houses gives her the platform to help partners overcome these statutory boundaries, whilst achieving the best solutions possible. Stephanie finds her work quite fulfilling to be part of the creative , collaborative process to ensure children in residential will have a future proofed home and welcoming environment.