Sofie Meier

Marketing Assistant

Sofie is a graduate from the University of Mannheim where she studied English and American Studies with a minor in Sociology. Having discovered her passion for linguistics, she then went on to complete her Master's at the University of Stirling in English Language and Linguistics.

During her studies, Sofie also developed a keen interest in graphic design and copywriting, which she then explored during a part-time position in internal communications. After completing her master's degree, she began volunteering at a local charity to keep developing her knowledge and skills in various areas of digital communications and graphic design. Six months into experiencing what it is like to do meaningful voluntary work, whilst contributing to a good cause, she knew there was no going back for her. This lead Sofie onto a journey of freelance projects with local and national charities. Here, she gained great expertise in the wider field of digital communications and marketing, while also learning valuable lessons in regard to being self-employed.

Having joined the Safe As Houses team as a Marketing Assistant, she's excited to start this new journey and grateful that she can continue doing meaningful work that communities will benefit from.

In her spare time, Sofie enjoys going on hikes as well as travelling, spending time with family and friends, cooking, being physically active, and playing the guitar. She has also started to explore her creative side a bit more and regularly paints with acrylics and sketches.