Sephutile Mhlongo

R & D Researcher

From a young age, Sephutile was always passionate about the role of economic development in improving the lives of the average citizen - having grown up reading the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Millennium Development Goals reports and National Development Policy papers. This led to a natural progression into studying Economics and Statistics at undergraduate level.

Upon completion of her studies, she joined the Kingdom of Eswatini’s civil service, working on fiscal policy, taxation and the national budget. She worked as the Budget and Economic Affairs Department’s sectoral officer for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development- whose responsibilities include the administrative oversight on the operations and functioning of all urban local governments, as well as co-ordinating and facilitating urban development and provision of housing throughout the country.
Seeking to develop her research and consulting skills, Sephutile pursued an opportunity with an international non-profit organisation as a healthcare consultant. In this role, she supported quality improvement initiatives and successfully conducted research on User Fees in Eswatini, the extent to which they contribute to catastrophic expenditure and clients’ perceived quality of care.

To upskill on her fiscal policy and research experience, Sephutile joined the University of Stirling’s Management School for a Master’s in Business and Management, and through the University’s Careers and Employability services was connected to Safe As Houses Care as a Research intern. In this role, Sephutile combines her urban local government experience and strong research skills to identify UK Local Authorities’ social housing demand that can be met by our company.

In her spare time Sephutile enjoys spending time with her son and reading. When she is not trying to coerce her son into loving Harry Potter and Star Wars, she is probably listening to Taylor Swift, or planning her next travel adventure.