Roman Buzdizhan


Roman is an agile Digital Project Manager and is responsible for quality assurance within the Safe As Houses team. This involves a full cycle of people management activities, such as hiring, rotation, training, education and performance evaluation.

His extensive skills are based on a lifelong love of computer networking, analytical thinking, and creative problem solving.

Roman started his career as a Customer Support Executive with Vodafone and has over ten years of experience within IT. He is able to apply customer service concepts to IT to improve user experiences for clients, employees, and administration operatives.

Roman has certified and proven experience in building development processes based on SCRUM completely from scratch and has attained AAA and AAA+ class within the gaming product industry. He is one of the founders of educational programs for young IT specialists (GoIT, GoQA UA sector). 

Roman is also Head of Quality Assurance for R&R Music, Tunehog, and Akazoo.