Nikolay Murha


From childhood Nikolay demonstrated a keen interest in radio electronics and was regularly found converting acoustic guitars into electric ones as well as making amplifiers from scratch. Later as Windows 95 was released, he became interested in computer architecture and MS-DOS as an operation system. This led to Nicolay enrolling in programming courses on BASIC and Pascal, where he also participated in several school programming competitions and Olympiads.

At University, Nikolay continued his interest in WEB programming using PHP and Javascript languages. After graduating, he went to work at Dark Joker Games and worked on a number of successful commercial projects.

In 2010 he joined to R&R Music team at Senior PHP Developer and subsequently received an offer from the online service at Senior PHP Developer which is the Ukrainian online service for selection of goods and prices.

Later Nikolay returned to R&R Innovation as a Senior Software Engineer and was involved in application development using a wide range of languages and technologies, infrastructure management and monitoring. During this period, he was responsible for the stability of the organisation’s services.

Nicolay uses his 16 years of IT experience to assist the back end functionality of Safe as Houses Care’s programme and software development systems. Need more stuff here about what he actually does.

He is an active member of the OpenSource community and as a hobby is fond of radio electronics and the development of devices and home automation based on Arduino and esp32 microcontrollers.