Debbie Connal

R & D Researcher

Debbie began her career in the travel industry at the age of only 16. Her roles involved
travelling around the world and spending time in lots of interesting places, including Spain, where she
was employed for a year.

Alongside her passion for travel, she always had a keen interest in property and interior
Design. This led her to a career change for Debbie four years ago when she started her procurement role at Safe As Houses Care, sourcing properties to meet requirements of those who are in need.

Her experience in property sourcing and her skills in report writing and information gathering led to her current role with Safe As Houses in the UK wide Research and Development team. Working alongside others, she assesses and determines where and how Safe As houses can help societies most vulnerable people. This gives Debbie with tremendous job satisfaction, knowing that what she does makes a genuine and tangible difference to people’s lives.

In her spare time Debbie loves to be outdoors, walking and exploring new places, as well as spending time with her family and friends.