David Ritchie

Executive Chairman

Throughout David’s career he has been involved in housing development. Having established Ritchie Construction Group in 1984, he successfully exited the business in 1994.

David is the Executive Chairman of Safe As Houses. The company's approach allows for a different solution to address housing issues, particularly for the most vulnerable in society. The desired outcomes are economically viable, sustainable and fit-for-purpose, future-proofed homes that may not be available or possible by traditional means.  David is helping Safe As Houses to become a best in class thought leader that is constantly driving innovation within the sector.

David also channels his previously mentioned passion as one of the founding minds behind Sounds Like Me - a unique business that through personality profiling effectively interlinks technology and music. Sounds Like Me is partnering with Safe As House to deliver a personality based care App for the care sector that will help with recruitment, staff retention, matching carers to those in care and generally improving the wellbeing of vulnerable people.

During David’s extensive career as an entrepreneur, he has successfully established and led several businesses within the property, music, technology, and data industries. Many of these have traded globally to great success. More recently, he has switched his attention to driving projects which he is not only immensely passionate about, but believes will help benefit society for many generations to come.

David is extremely grateful for the opportunities that he has experienced throughout his career. These have allowed him to build and influence his many business ventures. Through his experience, he is honoured to now have the opportunity to mentor others that he hopes will take inspiration from his own journey and create their own successes.

Outside work, David wrote “The Ultimate Game, Life, Do You Know the Rules?” based on his own personal development and learning. The book outlines how one can achieve their full potential and make the most out of life. He also enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with family and loved ones.