Bogdan Znakharenko


Bogdan's interest in computers and software was sparked when he was 12 years old, after his lecturer parents brought a computer home with them.

He lives and breathes software, and as an innovative and proactive person, he constantly seeks fresh outlooks on and ideas for digital / data / algorithmic based solutions. He firmly believes that computative connected systems running alongside cognitive tech can bring a new dimension to all of humankind.

Bogdan worked on and helped develop the first realtime shopping search engine (1998 - 2001). He was the creator of which is one of the first Ukrainian companies focused on mobile game and content development and launched (and push to the market) a set of sites and web portals (e-commerce) for one of the biggest Ukrainian group ( ) of companies.

Bogdan and his team oversee all software development and tech for Safe As Houses issues, including our proprietary 4 Eyes approval system.