Alexey Poliakov


Alexey is Full-stack Programming Developer At Safe as Houses Care.
He has a master's degree in computer science, specialty in Intelligent Decision Support System from Kyiv National Economics University.

He started work as a PHP developer in e-commerce projects, then turned in Ruby/JS developer in music-related applications such as music E-cards, digital white-label and music players.

With ten year plus track record of creating robust and rich web-applications, Alexey has expertise in analytics, machine learning, big data, web, mobile, database technology, and Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. He has experience designing high-performance, always-up database systems using MySQL, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, MongoDB, and search engines such as Sphinx ElasticSearch.

Alexey also has expertise in designing high-availability, horizontally scalable cloud-based infrastructure environments. Recent projects are designing and implementing project management tools for Safe As Houses Care, Safe As Houses Private Investment and music-based user profiling programme Sounds Like Me.

In his free time Alexey is an outdoor enthusiast and can be regularly found fishing, kayaking and backpacking. He is also a live music promoter in his hometown of Kyiv.