Abigail Lennox

Head of R & D

Abigail is Head of R&D at Safe as Houses Care and has a keen interest in developing knowledge-based products that shape new development paradigms and support social change that addresses inequality.

Over the past 15 years, Abigail has worked across the NGO, local government, and intergovernmental sectors on a wide variety of development programmes in India, Pakistan, and the UK. During this time, Abigail’s research endeavours have focused on the multidimensional understandings of social and economic poverty, and how can the most vulnerable communities be empowered to access better opportunities in life. In more recent, her passion to creating change led to working with the University of East London to develop a knowledge-based project which evaluates all local authorities progress to achieving the SDGs.

Outside of the office, Abigail loves to go running with her beagle bagel and spend hours testing the strength of her friendships over board games.