// From sourcing, finance, through to exit. As
much or as little support as you require.

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// What are the different types of projects that SAHPI Invest in?

  • Distressed properties – purchased and then completely refurbished to a high standard before reselling.
  • Gap sites - Typically containing between 1-12 properties and sold off plan to meet local demand.
  • Deposit on off plan developments and backend purchases – in both cases designed to obtain a margin from the developers by easing their cash flow demands either at the start of the project or to close the end of the development sales cycle.
  • Partnering and Profit Share - designed to offer scalability to SAHI through funding small external developers’ projects that fit and follow the SAHI criteria and where SAHI can lever its distribution network to ensure an early exit.

// How do I become a supplier of distressed property to SAHI?

// How do I purchase one of your renovated or new properties?

// How do I become SAHI JV Development Partner?

// What support do you provide to partners?

// What percentage of finance do the JV partners contribute?

// What interest is charged to JV funded projects?

// Do JV partners get to choose their own projects?

// As a Investment Buyer where can I find projects to invest in?

// I have a development project or GAP site I want to sell, would SAHI be interested?

// I have a GAP Site or project & need a funding partner, would SAHPI be interested?

// What support do you provide to partners?

// What percentage of finance do the JV partners contribute?

// I’m a developer with properties to sell can I tap into the SAHI sales network?

// How do I become a reseller?


// SAHI Membership. All the tools, expertise
and advice you need.

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// SAHI Membership

Whether you are looking to become a SAHI Property Supplier, become a SAHI Partner or wish to purchase properties then SAHI provides
all tools, expertise and advice you need.

image/svg+xml // Investor-Buyers Becoming an approved Investor-Buyer will give you access to our selection of high quality purchase opportunities at an above average return on investment within a safe, regulated and flexible environment.


image/svg+xml // Property Suppliers Whether you are an individual or institution SAHI has the funds available to purchase instantly and the platform allows you to present each opportunity for consideration confidentially.


image/svg+xml // JV Development Partner If you wish to become a JV Development Partner fill out our registration form and we will consider your application. Once successful you will be able to create and manage projects within our platform.


// Watch The SAHI Introduction Video

The following video will give you a visual overview of who we are, what we do and who we are for. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.